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Learn how to make this tasty snack from Taco Bell. The vegan Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunch is made of a soft, warm gordita …


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  1. Not that Taco Bell belongs to a vulnerable protected class in desperate need of defenders, but, for the record, they do proclaim their taco meat to be 88% beef.
    Years and years ago I was vegan, and I can still remember that state of mind where one's maniacally driven to replicate junk-food standards in vegan form. When and if it works, it's a feeling only someone crawling through the desert who at last finds water can appreciate.
    I have no way of knowing how this take on the Cheesy Gordita Crunch tastes, but my recommendation for vegans going to an actual Taco Bell is to order a simple bean burrito without the cheese and with extra red sauce and onions. It's perfect vegan food that's not pretending to be anything other than what it is. Well, actually, it WOULD be perfect with a whole-wheat tortilla.

  2. The cheesy gordita crunch was a long time favorite of mine but after going pescatarian I stopped getting it. I'm so tempted to make my own after seeing this but truthfully I'm too lazy to wait that long to eat a taco

  3. I used to love Taco Bell gorditas back in the day. I'm so glad you made this. And I'm thinking for an even quicker version you could use a pita bread instead of making your own gordita. and add vegan sour cream to top it off. yum I will so be trying this. thank you thank you thank you for the awesome inspiration

  4. I'm not ready for this. I can't press play. it sounds too good to be true. no cheesy gordita crunch is the hardest thing ab going vegan fro the past two months. i hope this will save me

  5. At Taco bell you can get a vegan version by ordering a not supreme double Decker taco- Sub the soft shell for a gordita, and substitute beans for beef (no charge). I always add rice,tomato, black beans, and sometimes potatoes, to mine.
     So what you should get is a gordita with beans (instead of cheese)wrapped around a hard shell taco, stuffed with beans and lettuce. 🙂 Love your videos!

  6. I love these Taco Bell videos. It seems silly but TB is one of the few things I miss now that I'm vegan. The crunch wrap video was INSPIRED. This one looks a bit more involved but not impossible. If you have the time it seems worth it.

  7. Candice,
    No cruelty free hot sauce nor zesty pepper jack sauce?  What gives?  I know for a fact that you can do much better than this.  At least stay true to that corporate monger's recipe and include a veganized zesty pepper jack sauce.  Tha sauce is da boss! 

    Peace, love and vegan soul.

  8. Haha when she said "there's probably as much meat in this as the taco bell beef" was anyone else like OHH SNAP! Haha anyway it looks good I wanna try

  9. Will a vegan version of a Taco Bell meal give me gas? I honestly can't eat anything Mexican without laying a huge fart afterwards. That's why I don't eat Mexican food in public. Last time I did, I scarfed down a ton of tacos and burritos in one sitting and then when I got up, I accidentally farted in front of everyone. It was embarrassing as hell! Everyone was staring at me and some of the customers near me passed out.

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