Vegan Recipe: Tacobell Crunch Wrap Supreme

Learn how to make a vegetarian Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme! This recipe is totally vegan and easy to do! Eating vegan junk …


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  1. Ok. First your right about,,,,
    Taco Belch.
    BUT, no one ever said their ideas were necessarily disgustingly bad.
    (Just their food)
    RE-constructed versions of their menu, that's potentially food with flavor. Like your version. I'll definitely give it a go. Thanks!

  2. I just go to Taco Bell and get a crunch wrap; and tell them to replace the meat with beans, no sour cream or cheese, add potatoes, guac and make it fresco style. I do this for my 7 layer burrito as well 😊

  3. Thank you for making the transition into a vegan diet so easy while even living in a small town. A couple weeks ago I could barely cook for myself, now i'm in the kitchen and learning more and more! I appreciate what you do <3

  4. honestly, you should do other options that are Spanish dishes. Im Spanish and love our food but no meat in Spanish food makes it really hard to get that taste. any advice or maybe make a video :))) your channels is awesome btw, and you always get me in a good mood.

  5. 2:32 You don't have to risk frying your fingers, you can set the wrap on top of a metal spatula, set the spatula on the pan then slide it out from under the wrap

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