Vegan Recipe: Veggie Nuggets (Chicken McNuggets Recipe) | Edgy Veg

Give this video a thumbs up If you love this vegan / vegetarian chicken nugget recipe. These Vegan McNuggets may not be the …


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  1. I wish I had someone to make these for me 😂 my boyfriend was doing homework while I watched this and he kept asking “what are nuggies? What the heck are nuggies?” 😂😂

  2. watch the ingredents of your chicken seasoning some if not most of them contain dehydrated chicken powder or broth made from chicken. not very vegan and some vegan ones may try and cover this up to in the ingredents alwees check every thing out people. I my self was going to go vegan but once I started looking at all my options wear I live I say their was few but I could of it then I started looking at wahat was in the stuff and the algery listing and found many contained animal broducts or wear in contact with them so I instead had to go veg.

  3. You're hilariously funny and have taught me much in my vegan journey. I am but a young padawan finding my way, thank you vedi, may the veg be with you.

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