Vegan Recipe: Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches | The Edgy Veg

Learn how to make vegan ice cream waffle sandwiches. This recipe is a fancy take on a summer favourite. dairy-free ice cream is …


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  1. We have a similar way of making Ice Cream Sandwiches in my family's home country of the Philippines. The main difference is it's actually a literal Ice Cream Sandwich! We just grab a regular bread bun and we stuff several scoops of Filipino Purple Yam Ice Cream into it which when eaten taste like you're having lunch and dessert all at the same time.

    But I doubt you'll be interested in eating it. You'll probably think that shit ain't Vegan or something.

  2. I like how you give up talking at the end : )  Don't have a waffle maker–prefer pancakes, as they need no special equipie–but dang does this look good!  Thanks for posting : )

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