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  1. Raw cacao butter (also known as theobromine oil) is a yellow vegetable fat that is extracted from raw cacao (where chocolate comes from) beans often using a patented cold press method. The liquid butter is left to set in small drops. Because it has not been damaged by heat, raw cacao butter melts easily.

  2. Just a little tip. You should use a larger bowl (or smaller pan) for your double boiler set-up. Your bowl is resting on the bottom of the pan, getting as much heat as the pan, which means it easily can get way too hot and ruin whatever you are trying to gently heat up. The bowl should rest in water, not on the pan bottom. Just look at others doing it, you will notice the difference, for sure!

  3. Can pour so thicker, while warm sprinkle with salted pistachios, a few dried cranberries and a few chopped dried apricots. Chill if needed to harden. Pretty holiday bark.

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