Vegan Shepherd's Pie

FULL RECIPES: Here is what you’ll need! Vegan Shepherd’s Pie Servings: 5-6 INGREDIENTS Filling 1 tablespoon …


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  1. I eat meat but no complaints. Anyone who watched this video obviously wanted a vegan recipe. So those who are complaining about no meat take a walk. This is not for you😅
    I tried it..and came out well. Thank you for your recipe:)

  2. Ive actually made this before and it was so good the entire pan was gone under 8 hrs my non vegan dad and friends got into it before i did and i only had one plate

  3. Meat eaters complain that vegans whine too much and they are mad about a vegan video that doesn’t even affect them or basically anybody else.

    Can’t believe y’all are shook over a recipe video 😂

  4. Really great recipe if you feel like you want to get off eating meat for a while and you don’t want to eat salads. As a meat lover, this tastes amazing because there’s so much different veggies and flavours in it you don’t mind that there isn’t any meat inside of it. Usually, instead of veggie broth I use chicken:)

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