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Calling all Vegans everywhere! Now you too can enjoy the sinfully delicious flavors of Spaghetti and Meatballs. Candice has …


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  1. Hello I'm Italian, spaghetti and meatballs in Italy does not exist and never existed and never any Italian would eat that crap. This is a recipe invented by the Americans, perhaps mistakenly and thinking it was Italian. It is a recent recipe from the 1920s, if you calculate that our recipes are hundreds of years old, or thousands. The only recipe that combines meat with pasta are spaghetti alla bolognese, (meat is minced), lasagna, ravioli with meat. Meatballs in Italy exist, but it is rare to see them at the restaurant, it is a recipe only from the south Italy and meatballs are eaten absolutely separately from spaghetti, it is another dish. Also spaghetti Alfredo in Italy do not exist., another american shit.

  2. duuudeee i was like NO WAY im gonna have the ingredients at home to make the meatballs bc my fridge is so empty but lmao i do actually have all the ingredients

  3. Beginner vegan and you and Hot For Food are a life saver. Was so worried about missing out on so many things but you've shown if there's a will there's a way. Love cooking and cooking vegan food is a whole other world Im diving into thats very challenging but fun.

  4. I started watching your channel a while back. I went vegan in 2013 when I went back on dialysis. Finding meat substitutes has been hard for me. I watched this video a couple days ago and tried the meatballs. Awesome recipe. Love them! Thank you Candice.

  5. Hi there, I love your channel and recipes, it's been really helpful to me in keeping mostly vegan since February. I'm not totally vegan but I'm hoping to make the change gradually. Your hot wings in particular were amazing.

    Unfortunately every time I try to access a recipe on your website on my iPhone it redirects me several jumps to an ad site and I can't follow the recipe from there. I've checked on various recipes and other sites to check it isn't just me. Not sure if anyone else is having these problems and I can always access the recipes fine from my laptop, I just thought you'd like to know in case it's a problem. Love your recipes though!!!

  6. Lipton chicken noodle soup has been such a craving of mine recently. I've tried putting noodles in vegetable broth but it's not the same. If anyone can replicate you can! 🙂

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