VEGAN TACOS FOR SUMMER | tacos three ways

Incredible vegan taco recipes that are perfect for summer! Spicy crispy cauliflower tacos, double wrapped corn salad & black bean …


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  1. A little late to the game but I feel so grateful for these recipes! Thank you thank you thank you! Now I just need to figure out which one to make first 😊

  2. Made the cauliflower tacos tonight…so with my 24 year old daughter and my 21 year old son still living at home, you would think I would know better than to assume I would still have hemp seeds in the cupboard…nope, had to substitute sunflower seeds. Cilantro was on sale at my local grocer, so you guessed it, they were out of stock, so I had to use parsley. No jicama either so I used turnup (because it kind of looks like jicama 🤣🤣🤣) this, still, has to be one of the best tacos I've ever eaten, and everyone loved it. Thanks Nisha, once again for saving the day ❣️❣️

  3. Shortcut to great tacos. Taco bell diablo sauce. Make your blend of veggies, put it in a tortilla shell (soft or hard your call) and put taco bell diablo. You dont like it ??? Put more diablo. Still dont like it, you guessed it, 1 more diablo. Too bad they quit making the verde. That sure gave diablo a run for its free $$.

  4. Just made the cauliflower tacos using Red Hots Buffalo sauce in lieu of hot sauce. This is by far my favorite vegan taco so far! The sweetness of the dates in the jicama slaw bring the best balance to the recipe. Next time I’ll add more. I’m so glad I bought a big cauliflower so I get to enjoy this all week!

  5. Made the crispy cauliflower tacos. OMG, Fabulous!!!! I didn’t think I have such a “baby mouth” but I didn’t add jalapeño to the slaw or the cilantro crema and still found things to be spicy (in a good way). Love, love, love this recipe!!!! I think the addition of the hemp hearts to the Cilantro Crema is terrific because it adds a significant source of protein. Thank you!

  6. Great, do you realize that I have never eaten in my life! And yes, it's true. I FINALLY know how to prepare your famous Tacos, as they say in France "Better late than never" ;o)) (from the verb to value for value)

    We are going to love all your formats, they are all fantastic and delicious. Congratulation Nisha

    I always wonder where these sublime ideas come from…

  7. I want to thank you. ❤ I tried the
    double taco corn salad tortilla with the cilantro Crema tonight and it was Amazing 🎉🎉a party in my mouth. I am starting to transition to whole plant-based due to my cholesterol being high and other health and ethical reasons.
    I want to make this transition very simple so i don't get overwhelmed any advice anyone has will be very appropriated . 🙏 ❤

  8. Having a dinner party tonight and I’m making all of these.. can’t wait to try them and see how everyone else likes them too 🙌🏽🙌🏽
    Last time I made her Lentil curry and brownies which were such a hit with homemade vegan Naan!

    UPDATE: all three tacos were a HIT!! Everyone loved them! They kept going back for seconds and thirds! It was great!!

  9. I have a question !!!! If you can respond soon! Im making my coworker some vegan tacos and I've never made vegan food! Am I able to add chickpeas to the tacos you first made??🤔

    Thank you so much for these recipes!!!💜💜💜💙✨

  10. Thank you for these go-to taco recipes. The corn salad double-wrapped was incredible, THEN the cauliflower was more than I could have imagined! Packed with not only flavor, but also delicious textured bites! Ready to fall in love with the ceviche next.

  11. I so agree with what Catherine said. I always want to make what you share here and am always delighted with the results. So glad you gave up lawyering and switched to cooking! Thank you.

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