Vegan Taste Test | Vegan Chicken | Vegan Snickers | Vegan Sliders | Collab with Hellthy Junkfood

Candice and James are back with another Vegan Taste test. This time they are live in the Healthy Junkfood kitchen with JP & Julia. COME TO BALI WITH ME!


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  1. Nothing but admiration for vegans for their constitution not to eat meat or any product that harms animals. Respect. But please respect that I do not have your constitution and give in to my base instincts. I'm sorry.

  2. why are you guys hating on them for saying they've never tried vegan food? if you have a brain you would know that they were talking about processed vegan foods that mocked non vegan things. Not "an Apple or a carrot" Jesus.

  3. lol the commenters here are all kinda dumb sorry … when they say in the video that they've 'never had vegan food before' they mean they haven't had vegan versions of their regular foods/dishes … as a fellow vegan, don't be snarky, it just adds to negative stereotypes we gotta fight

  4. Complete twat "Sorry Vegans" bet you love animals too ha? 🙄 To be anything but Vegan with diet choice especially nowadays, is ignorance and devolving.

  5. The Beyond Meat strips are great in soup. And I haven't tried (or seen) the sliders yet, but Beast Burgers ROCK (I like them with some ketchup and Daiya provolone).

  6. at like 40 seconds he says he's never try vegan food have you ever eaten an apple like honestly have you never had oreos or sweet spicy chili doritos

  7. Veganism is interesting, but the majority of people in the community are a complete turn off. I'd rather associate myself as an omnivore than with narcissistic, pseudoscience-based, semi-psychotic vegans. If you want people to become vegan, y'all should fix your attitudes and step off the your "podium". Kudos to the EdgyVeg for being one of few sane vegans.

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