Vegan Travel Tips | What's in your Carry On Bag? | Collab with Hopscotch the Globe | The Edgy Veg

In this special episode of The Edgy Veg Candice teams up with Kristen Sarah from Hopscotch the Globe to help you get your carry …


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  1. the one thing i can't live without is GINGER! i get motion sickness and it is my saving grace!!! i bring so much. i normally have a ginger cookie, nana's is my fave, ginger chews or ginger drops by the ginger people and just a regular ginger supplement. also gum, cuz there's so much sugar in all those ginger treats, my fave gum right now is spry, it's supposed to be very good for your teeth.

  2. Awesome video even if it's not for travel. Next time maybe put a product list in the description of the things your sharing so anyone interested could now exactly what to buy if they like something you've shared. Thanks for sharing and I love your videos.

  3. My laptop, camera, and staple toilet trees (deoderant, tooth brush, hair brush). Ear buds, deck of cards, a bunch of vegan snacks, ginger gum,my shaker cup with a pre-scooped serving of protein powder in it. I hate vegan protein on it's own, but in a pinch when you forgot to order the vegan option on a plane or is nice to have it. Also a zip up, feminine care products, and my mom taught me how to take a down/down alternative pillow (full sized pillow) and fold it up into a gallon zip-block baggie. So I bring my own pillow when I travel. *Just a tip about bringing your own pillow: never take it with a white pillow case on it. It is really easy to forget it at a hotel, or for maid service to swipe it with the rest of the linens. Something bright or patterned is best.*

  4. Candice, great video! I need your help though. My husband is trying his best to go vegan but he's really missing his chicken fried steak. He's a Texas boy. Can you do a video on vegan chicken fried steak? I can't find one anywhere on YouTube.

  5. Refreshing face mist/moisturizer, baby wipes, Larabars, chapstick, a good book, and throat lozenges & advil migraine in case I or my fellow seatmates should need them.

  6. I always have a wrap either on me or in my carryon. I can use it over my shoulders, as a blanket or as a pillow. Given how cold most planes are it has never stayed in my bag for the flight. Lip balm is essential. I also bring a small amount of toilet paper and a few toilet wipes in a ziplock bag as the paper supplied in airports and on planes is dreadful (same for most hotels as well). This also prevents me finding myself in a toilet with no paper available. When traveling sometimes it is the littlest things that can make the most difference to your comfort. HAPPY FLIGHTING XOXO

  7. Makeup, deoderant, BABY POWDER!!!!, BABYWIPES! I am KNOWN for always having babywipes with me…where – ever- i – go ..EVERY DAY! My "purse" is a backpack because I always have to have food with me but Im known to have all kinds of stuff with me in small amounts. Tweezers, lotion, aleve, glucpack, a lil bottle of hydrogen peroxide and one of rubbing alcohol, a lil sewing kit, hair ties, extra cell battery, plugs, etc. If Im with someone who needs somehting, they know to ask me first. :/

  8. Hey Candice, I know that you are busy but it would be really cool if you could sign this ASAP science petition for an Innuit (forgive my spelling if incorrect) movement in Canada:
    I'm sorry to bother but I just want to get the word out there at least with Canadian youtubers I follow ^-^

  9. what I do miss quite often on a plane is to get non dairy milk along with my coffe, so I would bring that if I could … but I can`t as there is no packaging size below 100ml …. argh damn you regulations

  10. chapstick, tea bags (I also ask for hot water), peppermint oil for nausea and motion sickness…I always wear long pants on a plane even if I'm landing in the tropics because, yes, planes are freaking cold!!! I also wear socks and closed shoes AND a jacket! πŸ˜‰

  11. All I always dress in layers (built in extra outfit) 3x Underwear. Eye drops. Toothpaste. All black outfit (luggage does get lost) inflatable neck pillow. Wash rag to take a bird bath, if needed. Vitamin C packs. And always apply expensive moisturizers and cologne in duty free shops.

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