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Today James and Candice share their DNA test results from Ancestry, along with two recipes! James will be making Lahmacun and Candice will be making a …


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  1. I'm just watching the start, and no, not all Slavic countries are in Eastern Europe. Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia are in central Europe, along with germanic Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary ( I have no idea what ethnicity Hungarians are)

  2. Please limit your corporate sponsorships. I get you have to make money, but I don't want this to become one of those channels where I have to constantly question whether you're suggesting something because you genuinely like it or because you're being paid to mention it.

  3. I'm predominantly polish but I know I'm also part german, jewish, and who knows what else, it's rare anyone in Europe is 100% anything especially polish people. I really want to take this test! 💖💚

  4. Woww it looks really good. We turkisch people normally eat lahmacun with ground meat. But my mom and I make it with veggies and tomatopaste. Yumm.

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