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Today James and Candice share their DNA test results from Ancestry, along with two recipes! James will be making Lahmacun …


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  1. Ahhh lahmacun, one of my special projects to perfect when I decided to look into veganism. I make my own whole food plant based vegan 'mince' and the veg and spices do the rest. Luckily spicy food with semi processed meats (ground beef, sausage meat etc) is really easy to do once you get a vegan mince sorted out.

  2. I'm just watching the start, and no, not all Slavic countries are in Eastern Europe. Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia are in central Europe, along with germanic Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary ( I have no idea what ethnicity Hungarians are)

  3. I love the premise of blending genealogy and food culture, and thanks so much because I love lahmacun, but I had had to relegate it to food memory as a vegetarian–until now.

  4. Thank you for choosing a hungarian recipe!! I´m hungarian and since I don´t eat meat I gave up all of our traditional dishes, now I can make our gulyás again! 🙂

  5. Please limit your corporate sponsorships. I get you have to make money, but I don't want this to become one of those channels where I have to constantly question whether you're suggesting something because you genuinely like it or because you're being paid to mention it.

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