VEGAN WENDY’S FROSTY RECIPE | DIY Wendy’s Frosty Copycat Recipe | The Edgy Veg

Make the traditional Wendy’s chocolate frosty vegan with this easy recipe! This is a quick and delicious vegan dessert perfect for a …


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  1. I adore you! I'm so excited I just bought your book, and even got my non-vegan best friend on the Edgy Veg train!! She's binge watching your videos and bought your book as well! 😄😍😍

  2. Add sweetened condensed milk!! They have a coconut one and it makes it SPOT ON! I froze ripple chocolate milk and then blended the frozen chocolate milk ice cubes with so delicious coconut milk whipped cream and coconut sweetened condensed milk into a blender and it’s SO PERFECT

  3. Because I would usually get fries from Wendy's:
    I one day ordered my usual fries and a guy tried to offer me a Frosty; I said: "No thank you." but I didn't tell him the reason why. I wish I would've been able to accept the offer if Wendy's were to start making vegan desserts.

  4. Hi Candice, would you suggest transitioning your dog to a vegan diet also. I have read mixed studies and I am so conflicted. I just want the best diet for my puppy. Help!

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