Vegan What I Eat In A Day (High Protein meals for days I workout) | Edgy Veg

Hey everyone, today’s video is a realistic what I eat in a day for days that I workout. I take you along for one of my workouts and …


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  1. A little bit of Jameson with your morning oats is the casual thing to do right ;)…But what do you guys do to workout and supplement your meals? I want to learn more!

  2. Yay! I really liked hearing you open up about how you've dealt with a changing physique and what it's meant for your overall health/ wellbeing. Great vid as always 💜

  3. I deadass thought you said "my dad is a maple syrup bummer", like he comes around your place and takes swigs out of your maple syrup bottle so you have to disguise it as whiskey. My dad legit does this so I believed it hahaha

  4. I’m so glad I found your channel bc I’m starting to go vegan and I’m struggling to find resources that aren’t either very guilt-trippy or full of difficult recipes that don’t even sound good. I also love your philosophy of eating intuitively and doing what feels good, your channel just makes me excited about cooking and eating vegan food!

  5. I want to marry you… and great channel by the way hehe. I love to watch positive content as this, it really makes a difference in people's lifes.

  6. Greetings! I am a new subscriber and thought I heard you mention in one of your videos about a protein powder called Tao ? Am I correct? Could you share a link to that please? I haven't been able to find it on the web.

  7. Wow, you look great for a woman in her middle age. Beats all the other 45 year olds that are always so grumpy and depressed. Keep it up!

  8. oh god.. anther Vegan slug meal.. you must be pooping that shit out all day.. i wonder how fast you will get diabetes with all the sugar you eat everyday. holy crap lady.

  9. Why not just eat a real hamburger? Real bacon? Have you looked into the real nutrients found in meat? The vegan cult is a mental disorder, and you’ve fell for it. What did humans eat 1000 years ago? Meat, dairy, eggs.

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