VEGAN YOGURT Taste Test (Why Do They Taste Like This?!)

Today we’re trying more vegan alternatives. This time we’re dong VEGAN YOGURT. Some aren’t far off from the real thing but …


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  1. the silk coconut milk greek style yogurts are my fav!!! I have the strawberry one with granola and fruit every morning for breakfast! highly recommend if you can get your hands on it (im in the states)

  2. Should stop promoting PC in videos. Loblaw's companies, do not pay staff properly and continue to make enormous profits during the pandemic. They were caught hiding hundreds of millions of dollars in offshore accounts, while there employees can't even pay rent. Animal rights are important, but so are basic human rights like a living wage. love your videos, just thought id let you know.

  3. My favorite vegan yogurt is from Kite Hill. I think they nailed the consistency and the flavor of a dairy yogurt the best out of all I've tried so far. But they're quite expensive where I live (Puerto Rico) and they're very hard to find.🙁 Their key lime flavor is my absolute favorite.

  4. it is super interesting that you say oat is the most available, i have found coconut and almond are the most available. although all the dairy free yogurts certainly have hopped on the oat train. oat milk is the best non dairy milk after all.

  5. Love that you are trying Canadian brands as well, there is not enough Canadian content. Rivera is my fav but its definitely not a oat one that I get, Costco used to have the packs in glass. PC is the one I get most often as its only $4. YOSO chocolate was so so so degusting, it tasted like sour chocolate pudding. If you want an interesting reaction video, try that one next time.

  6. PC products very plain tasting to a fault. I had a PC vegan cheese-cake style dessert which just needed some lemon in it to make it superb. I covered it in fruit but that just didn't give it the flavour needed.

  7. Riviera brand but with coconut milk is the best ! I use it all the time, but I prefer vanilla or any kind of fruits flavor. I tried this same brand but oat based and it was really not as good. They have a weird after taste… I stick with coconut based !

  8. I have had really bad luck with Riviera in plastic tubs, but they also sell it in small glass jars (costco) and it’s AMAZING. No weird aftertaste. Just really thick lovely yogurt. But be careful because they are mainly a diary, so they do a lot of similar looking non-vegan varieties.

    I really hate the taste of coconut in yogurt, so it’s good to see they’ve started improving vegan options. So far most of the PC stuff has been good but stay away from the plantbased mozzarella sticks. So gross. I actually had to throw them out.

  9. Riviera coconut plain is my fav! . And the Riviera coconut vanilla one is just as amazing! It reminds me a little of cream cheese frosting and is perfect with berries and granola. swoon

  10. It’s all about The Forager Project and So Delicious. Fat content is the same( kinda high), but Forager has a ton of protein and is thick and creamy

  11. When I was a teen (90's) there was yogurt with a granola cup on top that you poured in. It was my favorite! Activia makes a version and a think Yoplait too.

  12. I wish I had big containers of plain yogurt available here in Israel, we're stuck with small single portion packaging, but available in different flavors from "Greek" style plain to fruit flavored and a really amazing chocolate flavor.

  13. I love Silk! It is one of the few brands that pulled carrageenan out of its formula very early on so I could actually eat dairy alternatives.
    The egg alternative info was cool. Thank you for doing the dirty work for us! 😊

  14. 3:45
    I'm pretty sure you mean "Joghurt mit der Ecke", right? I had them as a kid too, literally every variation and I was so addicted to them. It wasn't until I turned into an adult I realized how much trash they put into those even tho it has been and continues to be a popular kid-food…

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