Vegetable Curry, Indian Gourmet Recipe by Manjula

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  1. On May 24, 2022, my husband and I went to an Indian Restaurant for their lunch buffet. One of the dishes was a vegetable dish. As I was eating it, I was trying to identify the vegetables in it. Now I see that you posted a recipe for this dish on May 22, 2012, exactly 10 years and 2 days before! Now, with the help of your recipe, I will make this dish with confidence.

  2. GENERAL CAUTION: This recipe does not use onions or garlic, so if you are the persons who normally use these ingredients, you could find the dish a sort of tasteless.

  3. Looks delicious I'm glad you told us exactly how much of everything that you put in especially the spices as some people don't.which is so annoying for beginner cooks like me.thanks very much for this video I will be making this very soon.🙏

  4. I just love you and your channel. I've made many recipes from your videos. All are very delicious. So I came back for more. 🙂 Now I will make this. LOVE your food.

  5. That looks so good Manjula – I'm going to run to the supermarket now and buy all the ingredients and cook it for my family tonight. Its my birthday today.

  6. Hi aunty , I have tried many of your receipe sand they have turned out delicious. This receipe did not turn out that well … it was too acidic .. I had to add milk to balance the tangiess .. but still quite acidic. I made it with green beans , cauliflower , zucchini , green peas and very little paneer

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