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  1. I've only watched one video, but I've subscribed and want to know if I can come live at your house? I'll buy the food if you make it? It looks SOOOOO yumy! Thank you for gifting us with these. I'll start cooking again now that I have something good to make!

  2. Hello Manjula auntie. Its so kind of you to make these videos. It is a help to those learning to make food outside their own culture. Its a HUGE help to those girls whose mothers have died or  are ill and can not teach cooking. Your an amazing person to be willing to help. 

  3. Absolutely perfect!  I have been wracking my brain for something to take to a Christmas potluck. Everyone has something fairly ordinary.  This is what I've been looking for!!! I was going to buy a pan of Chinese noodles but this is far more exotic and will be such a welcomed addition to all of the other foods on the menu!  And I have all the ingredients I need!  Thank you, Manjula!  You saved me!  LOL!

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