Vegetable Frankie (Kathi Rolls) Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Thank you Manjulaji. You are inspiring, as always.
    I still think a book is in order, I have your ebook. Still hoping for a part two.
    Thanks for giving me the push to cook.
    Hugs and Light are sent your way.

  2. Why are we making such a big deal about these Frankies? Why cannot we eat them, as roti and sabzi? Well, I have recently become an addict to these Frankies, I find them yummy, and cannot stop with just one, but stuff myself with at least four. These are basically lunch box items, and can be just taken out , and eaten, just as they are, without much mess, and they form a very healthy combination of carbohydrates, and vegetables, although, I prefer whole wheat flour, as maida, is not a very healthy option, I have seen some people add cheese, and mayonnaise, which is just WOW !!!

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