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  1. Looks absolutely divine! I am trying your recipe tonight with my daughter–it's her favorite Indian dish. I'm pregnant with my second at the moment–and for some reason Ive been craving Indian food non-stop with this one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Manjula. I am going to prepare my very first Navratan Korma tomorrow. Yesterday I prepared mint chutney according to your recipe. It was delicious. I still have it in my fridge.

  3. Is there a shortcut to the ingredient list?  There are so many various spices; is there just one spice that combines them all…like Chinese 5 Spice?

  4. I didn't have any paneer but this was still very good with out it.I make paneer because we are not really near an Indian grocery store I use your recipe Its easy and great. I also make yogurt now.

  5. Thank you so much for the instructions! Indian food is my favorite, being so flavorful, but I've been hesitant to try cooking it because I'm so unfamiliar with all of the spices. With this instruction I'll soon try making my favorite dish – vegetable korma. Thank you again!

  6. wow heavy cream is not healthy but the oil ( not sure what kind u used) heated to the high temperature is the healthy choice!!!!! hahahahahaha try to use coconut oil instead and don't worry about the heavy cream…..u look like nice lady, all best to you

  7. hi manjula aunty………your receipes are really amazing……..but i want to ask something about navratan kurma that you haven't used tomatoes which you included in ingriedients…..i just want to ask plz. that are tomatoes an important thing to use in navratna kurma????thanks

  8. Been eating vegeterian for 16 days now and I feel fantastic. I will be making this dish with your recipe this weekend. It should score me bonus points with the ladyfriend, which is always useful. Great job. Looks fantastic!

  9. Tried this recipe, Korma came out perfect. Thanks for the video. Till now, I have made this 3 times. Its a nice medley of green vegetables and milk protein.

    Thanks again !

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