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  1. it's amazing that 14 years have passed by. your channel was one of the first ones I subscribed to on YT. from time to time I go back to "the classics" like this one. thank you for all you do.

  2. Mam please tell where from you purchased the stainless steel pan you are using for cooking in this video. I am unable to find one like that. In all other pans which i have food is sticking.

  3. i love manjula, but she starts every dish with three tablespoons of oil. in this dish it was six–three for the rice and three for the veg. That's 700 calories of oil added to this dish. When i make manjula's dishes, i cut the oil in half and everything still tastes delicious. I've been following her recipes for years.

  4. I am one of your follower g. I learn more indian recipes from you and so perfect and easy to follow .m not indian m filipina my husband really like/loved my cook for him .thanks a lot for sharing all the recipes .love yahh πŸ™‚

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