Whether you are vegetarian, health conscious or just fancy a meal without meat, this tasty bean burger is simple and quick to …


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  1. I kinda feel like I would rather just season up the beans and eat them with toasted bread. This just seems like a lot of trouble for me to eat something I like already. Love you guys but sometimes less is more.

  2. I've never made such a spontaneous decision to do something.The second I watched the video,I rushed to the kitchen and found the ingredients. I made six burgers and they were very delicious!Thank you!

  3. Everyone who makes a veggie burger tries to make it as light and healthy as possible. Vegetarians don't always want to eat like that. I challenge you to make the unhealthiest veggie burger you can!

  4. Can I leave the mushrooms out? I really do not like mushrooms. At all. And what would i use to compensate for the loss of it (a.k.a. would i need to increase the amount of a different ingredient)?

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