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  1. I used to make with ready made sauce but now I don’t buy them, I loved your enchiladas recipe, I made many times, I like sauce recipe, test so good. Sometime’s I change filling with beans, jalapeño & white, spring onion.
    Both turned so good, my whole family loved it.

  2. keep in mind that Mexican oregano is quite different from the Mediterranean oregano generally available in stores labeled as oregano. You pretty much have to go to a Mexican grocery store to get it. If you cannot find Mexican oregano, marjoram is a better substitute than is Mediterranean oregano.

  3. Following your recipe for Vegetarian enchiladas for the second time this evening 🙂 Fingers crossed they turn out as good as the first time 🙂 Thank you for sharing your recipes and creating good quality wholesome content <3

  4. Manjula ji. I am Mexican married to Punjabi. Your channel taught me to cook Indian food for my husband. I’ve been a fan for a long time and loved that you cooked vegetarian Mexican food. Great job!

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