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Learn how to make black bean burgers for a vegan cookout this summer! This easy veggie burger recipe is a delicious but healthy …


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  1. I made these tonight. I roasted the mushrooms last night so they'd be faster to make. I did buy fresh sesame seed buns (super soft) and used veggie mayo, ketchup and mustard. Topped with tomato and lettuce. I also just made them in a frying pan on the kitchen stove (skipped turning on the BBQ). These are FANTASTIC. The patties look funky, but they did hold together nicely. I am such a fan! I make at least one new recipe a week and I'm so happy!

  2. just made your burger but added tsp sugar free grape jelly and it was excellent. i add grapes or grape jelly to a lot of stuff to cut down on any bitterness. again it was an excellent recipe and thanks

  3. This was such a delicious flavorful burger. I even gave some to my dad and brother and they loved it! I'm not even vegan and I love your channel and recipes!

  4. I just made these burger patties this evening and they've been the most enjoyable vegan burgers I've had thus far. My mix ended up on the dry side so I added a ground flaxseed/water egg substitute and it made forming the patties into perfect shape much easier. Delicious and way better than the sweet potato burger recipe I tried last week. Those didn't work out at all for me so I'm stoked to have found a great vegan burger recipe I love.

  5. Tried this and the burgers fell apart. I tried it again with a little more tahini to make them more sticky: they fell apart again. I put in more thickener: they fell apart. I ended up with a black bean half fried mush.
    Not sure if I wanna keep trying this considering all the effort put in and no reward :'c

  6. I'm assuming your using the white mushrooms? Most common. I've been looking for the perfect burger. Every burger I have tried are either bland and awful bought from packages. Even the suppose famous 'beyond meat' beastly burger/patty. I was not impressed. I tried making from scratch and it turned out mushy, yuck. I will try this and make sure I follow your tips carefully to prevent a mushy burger. Wish me luck. Thank you!!

  7. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I've thought about but live in a community that doesn't have many options for vegans …our produce isn't even good quality unfortunately, but….I've been binge watching all your videos and really want to try these recipes! I love your channel! !

  8. I cut out squares of tin foil and grease one side with olive oil. Then I just put the patty on top and put it on the grill. It doesn't stick to the aluminum at all and gives it a nice crunchy outside with a soft inside.

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