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Check out my updated Carrot Hot Dog Recipe: Learn how to make homemade veggie hot dogs for …


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  1. as an herbivore I'm thankful for these videos because there might one day be a meat shortage (and I don't wanna gnaw on lettuce and potatoes all day lol) but there shouldn't be a reason you can't farm your own veggies! (if that happens, well we're probably screwed lol)

  2. So I decided to have hotdogs last minute for the fam. I didn’t have time to marinate the carrots so I just boiled them in the marinade. I didn’t have rice oil so I opted for some olive oil. I also added liquid smoke. I’m brand new to vegan eating and I am excited about how good this turned out. Thank you for this awesome recipe and opening my eyes to the possibilities!!

  3. I subscribed to ur channel, I wish to be vegan. I can't exactly force my dogs and cat to stop eating meat, but I can do something about myself. Thanks for everything, gana try all ur recipes, I'm sure they're delicious!

    Hello, Candice. I hosted a small reunion last saturday and I was going to serve hotdogs with store bought vegan sausages but the store ran out (again). I was really frustrated because I was running out of time, so in the very last minute I found your recipe and decided to try it. IT WAS AMAZING. Everyone at the gatherng LOVED this sausages, even meat eaters claimed they were very good and most people thought they tasted exactly the same as meat sausages.
    I want to thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us. I already subscribed, keep up the good job 🙂 <3

  5. Tasted like carrot on a bun. Made this for dinner last night & what made it eatable was that I toasted bread on skillet with veggie butter and used sauerkraut as topping. I even used fresh garlic & onion instead of the powder for the marinade which I did for the 24 hour. I might do it with veggie chilli topping next time. I miss morningstar veggie hot dogs that were discontinued. That really tasted better than real hot dogs.

  6. i don't think you guys actually know what real hotdogs taste like, i've been trying out this vegan stuff for like a week now for my girlfriend and it's just not worth it

  7. Hi, I really enjoy your videos. Where do you buy your vegan kimchi. I live just in the GTA and having difficulty finding vegan kimchi. Thank you

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