We Accidentally Started A Popular Bakery Out Of Our Apartment In Quarantine • Tasty

An amazing story of how two artists changed their careers in the middle of the pandemic. Check out Cuarentena Baking on …


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  1. Pandemic created so many hardships but I'm glad that people like this couple took up the opportunity to create something for themselves. Hopefully I can catch one of their pop-ups in the future!

  2. Hola, mi nombre es Nataly Villalobos, soy de Colombia y supieran que este video es practicamente mi religión!!!! Todos los dias lo veo, comencé recientemente una reposteria desde casa y Cuarentena Baking es mi motivación, deseo crecer mucho y tener un negocio exitoso <3 Necesito video update!!!

  3. this is how my macaron shop will start out because i cant afford a proper building for it right now but know how to afford the things to make a macaron or several dozen and so on

  4. In italy if you cook and sale out of your apartment the police will come to shut you down first and fine you right after. I love to see this kind of freedom and those cookies and cakes look " out of this world" .i wish i was closed to you guys . Bravissimi

  5. There are going to be a emergency alert text on your phone very soon it sent from the government if you answer it that means you didn't go in the rapture. So the government will send the army and whoever he can out and knocking on your door and things will begin to start so please accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior because he is coming soon God bless you all with love

  6. Congratulations on your business . There's not many places that sell sweet treats. Your spreading your love of treats during a time when we all need to keep enjoying the Good old handmade genuine goodies. Made with love.

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