We Made A Ghost Their Favorite Dish

We love that food can bring us together and connect us, which got us thinking: Can we use food to communicate with ghosts?


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  1. I was like
    it is something about food + ghost?
    Yeah I'm in😁
    I am watching this channel's video recently, actually most of or only Google translated recipes and it's fun
    But this video is more fun❣️

  2. Something that confuses me is why would ghosts want to show them selfs on camera? I do believe in ghosts but they wont show them selfs on camera. The conjuring house is haunted but the ghosts probably wont show up on camera, lets keep in mind ghosts are shy or voilent and wont do any of the actions if they are being recorded.

  3. Just a way to pick up more customer
    Everyone here deserves an Oscar award for the acting😆
    I'm a big fan of tasty but this video feels like it's completely scripted

  4. 3 AM? Devil hour? I'm not believe that.
    'Coz I always woke up at that time to do my special prayer. And I'm fine.

    If you are muslims, you know what I mean. 😁

    P.S. You can watch similar reality show like this in Indonesia, especially in TV …. A LOT. 🤣

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