We Made Hong Kong’s Famous Egg Bubble Waffle • Tasty

Inga and Alvin set off to explore their favorite street foods, one of which is the famous Hong Kong egg bubble waffle. Join them on …


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  1. Can I use the batter instanly after Mix well all the ingriedien? Or should be resting for min 1 hour? And if i don't have evaporated Milk Can i subtitute to ordinary Milk? Thanks so much for attention n kindness answer

  2. I made a mistake…I didn't let the wets cool before adding the dry…now I have something that looks like churro batter

  3. 1 xícara mais 2 colheres de sopa (140 gramas) de farinha de trigo. 2 colheres de chá (8 gramas) de fermento em pó. 1 colher de sopa de creme em pó. 3 colheres de sopa mais 1 12 colheres de chá (28 gramas) de amido de tapioca . 2 ovos grandes 12 xícara mais 3 colheres (140) gramas) de açúcar. 12 xícara mais 2 colheres de sopa (140 mililitros) de água. 1 colher de sopa mais 2 14 colheres de chá (28 gramas) de leite evaporado . 1 colher de chá de extrato de baunilha. 2 colheres de sopa (28 gramas) de óleo vegetal óleo, para engraxar máquina de waffle

  4. This is totally street food. Memory lane. Both nice looking. But Westerners would consider the girl SUPER GOOD LOOKING like the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN type of title. Thanx for the research and posting.

  5. Imagine Alvin driving and turns the steering wheel but his body mov s with it. Like he’s like: Left and his body goes left and he’s like right and his body goes right

  6. I find it weird/confusing that Alvin & Ingga use a double boiler for the egg when Michael did not & just pour sugar, milk &dry ingredients in the fresh eggs. I thought they're recreating the recipe not "making it different style" Really why?!?
    By the way, Alvin & Ingga waffle is flat on one side while Michael is a perfect circle on both side. I bet the hot egg custard affected the "rising" of the batter. Yeah, I blame the double boiler for the mishaped waffle.

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