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Today we’re taste testing everything Vegan at Taco Bell! Grab a snack and join me & my friend, and vegan professional athlete John Rush! Let me know what …


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  1. Thank you so much I didn’t think about that you know I’m in the street and I don’t know where to go to eat something and so I did the same thing a asked him not to put a few things in there thank you so much both of you yeah I’m kind of the same way like you guys thanks and people are looking at me like I was crazy when I ordered it😊

  2. How do you know you didn't get any contact contamination from the animal products they have in slots at their work station? Are you sure there wasn't any beef or cheese residue in that food?

  3. and girl, a fast food taco is built the same way as a fancy pants taco you'd pay 5 bucks a pop at whatever fancy vegan place you would claim is better. Tacos. are. messy. (and that's part of the fun)

  4. and by the way, its not that hard to add a couple things (tomatoes, fiesta salsa, etc) to spice up your food to your preferences. Like you said, people that get fast food do it because they need the value to feed their family. Taco Bell is catering to those people by giving them items as cheap as they can sell them, while also still being profitable, leaving those that can spend 30cents more to add a couple things. Jeez man

  5. listen to these guys complain about having to go inside and interact with people, little did they know 1 year later everybody would be feeling depressed, alone, and dying for human interaction.

  6. I don't know how I missed this video when it was posted last year. If you ever find yourself stuck with only fast food, get a fresco style bean burrito (make sure they put the red sauce on it) with potatoes, rice, and guacamole. You can also get the same in a chalupa. It's yummy and filling. The same, same, same thing. But it's yummy. I get it when I get off of work super late, and that's the only thing open, and I'm too lazy and tired to cook when I get home.
    Side note: you guys' desire to avoid talking to people sums up my life. We've been training for social distancing all of our lives. 😛

  7. Currently eating a bean. Idk what they call it lol it’s shaped like a hexagon app with lettuce and tomato from Taco Bell while watching this… This would be better with some rice and gauc. Update: just saw that y’all are eating the same lol

  8. i work at taco bell: just order everything with black beans because they taste better than the refried. tell them you want it fresco which means they add pico and keep out the dairy. Add potatoes to everything otherwise your food will be bland.

  9. You paid like 30 something dollars? That would be like maybe 10 or 12 dollars US. The bean burrito minus cheese is good and only a $1.49 and it's huge… I get two sometimes and so full…

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