We Tried An Iconic California Burger In Napa

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  1. "Hi – My name is Dave Woolsey, I am the GM at a burger joint, and I make minimum wage. I cannot afford to own property, but I do have to flip burgers for rich tech bros who get shitfaced and then stop by"

  2. Hog Island is a tiny little island out in Tomales Bay, where the oysters come from. You can pull over at their place on the side of the road and get oysters right on the bay. I grew up in that area. It's a beautiful area of northern Marin County. I totally recommend a trip out there.

  3. i wish these video's would go a little more in depth, for example at 4:53 they start discussing that where the oyster grows influences the flavor and it would be much more interesting if they would further explain

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