We Tried To Make Pizzas With Zero Waste

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  1. So sad theres BIG piles of very very very small plastic in the sea πŸ™ i dont really know how to help the Nature and stuff other than, plantning Wild flowers A LOT OF THEM in my garden to get more bugs to get more animals who eats those bugs as birds :p

  2. Whenever I make pizza…I always make my ow pizza sauce..not because of like can waste..but ye I guess that too…instead of roasting tomatoes. ..what I do is…
    I cut a cross on the bottom of my tomatoes and then I boil them in water until like you can see the peel coming off…then you take it out then peel it with your hands…it should come off pretty easy…then once it cools i blend them for a nice puree…I Saute some garlic,onion,one bayleaf,and some thinly diced red bell pepper in some olive oil…and once all that comes soft I add in the puree…and give that a mix…after about 2 to 3 minutes I turn off the heat and take out the bay leaf…then i blend it once again until it's smooth. . somtimes I prefer it a little chunky do i just give it a small go in the mixie..then into the same pan add some olive oil or butter then Pour the blended goodness…and season with some paprika,salt,pepper,oregano and that bay leaf which was taken out earlier…also pour a bit of water and then you wanna then cook it down…cooking it twice will help you get as much flavor in as possible….finally..top it with freshly chopped parsly and some basil…and that's it…..

    I know that you would be like who has time for this but it literally takes me 20 min…I do this while i wait for the dough to rise…so not time consuming. …definitely worth it

  3. People aren't just hesitant with containers because they aren't used to it, they are hesitant to do it because it goes against food safety practices and is flat out illegal in some places and is against the rules in many professional kitchens

  4. I don't think recipes call for canned tomatoes
    They should be fresh gives best flavour
    Also if Rie hasn't made fresh pizza sauce thennnnnn ummmm

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