Wendy's VEGAN Spicy Chicken Nuggets Recipe | Vegan Fried Chicken

Today I tried to see if I could make Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets vegan! Some of my most popular recipes are fast food “copycat” …


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  1. Good morning 🌼💫 I love your show and your wonderful to listen to.. lovely woman and its nice to see you're different hair styles to 💕 this one is my favorite so far ✌ love all your recipes and the food brands reviews are really great 💐🥂 thank you Candice and team

  2. You crazy and insane vegans. You buy or make foods that mimic meat all the time, vegan burgers, vegan meatloaf, vegan shrimp, vegan eggs, etc. If you all were REALLY doing this because of your "love" of animals, you'd NEVER mimic EATING an animal. You're all NUTS!!!

  3. Well, I just have to thank one of my buddies from Vegan Maine for introducing me to your channel. You are a joy to watch: you're funny, competent, and experimenting along with us, but with forethought. I'm a vegan junk food addict (in moderation). I would like to adopt you as the daughter I never had, lol. If you're ever in Maine in the summer, we have a totally vegan condo right on Old Orchard Beach, and we love vegan company!

  4. Its amazing that you're not using meat. I hope to be meat free too one day. But c'mon. At this point just enjoy plants without turning them into plant based product.

  5. I watched this video after seeing the vegan cheat day…OMG! It triggered by inner fat tooth big time and had to make it with a small substitution. I used instant potato flakes instead of bread crumbs as a gluten free option. My hubby is an omnivore or more specifically a meatatarian. (Alberta boy born & raised) and for many years has called me a vegetable-aryian to tease me about my vegetarian now vegan lifestyle and my Austrian heritage (first generation Canadian). He will try what I make but doesn’t always want to know the ingredients so he won’t be biased against a vegan dish or an ingredient. Here’s the taste test conversation:

    Hubby: Woohoo, you made french fries!
    ME: Yup and some nuggets too.
    Hubby: Uh-huh.
    ME: Yes, it’s a veggie-aryian experiment…what do you think?
    Hubby: This is good. What is it?
    ME: <waffling> It’s tofu
    Hubby: Really? I’ve never had tofu like this! And I like tofu. This is really good!!!
    ME: <gobsmacked>. What? You like tofu?
    Hubby: Yes and I’ve never had anything like this. I really like it.
    ME: Then it’s OK to make it again?
    Hubby: Yup!
    ME: You mean we’ve been married for 24 years and I had no idea you liked tofu?
    Hubby: I guess so.
    ME: What about smoked tofu?
    Hubby: Let’s try it! If I like it, then I’ll smoke it myself. (He’s big fan of his smoker)

    Thank you Candice! Not only did I learn something new about my hubby last night…he also ate all the nuggets! I had to be quick to actually get some! ROFLMAO

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