What A Korean, Indian, & American Vegan Eat In A Day

Sorah, Kanchan, and Rachel share how they create vegan versions of Korean, Indian, and American meals. Subscribe to Goodful: …


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  1. you said the magic word : Vegan.
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    Ahimsa. Plant based diet is optimal and even superior to carnivore omnivore vegetarian diet, for human beings. – Chat GPT-3

  2. me as an Indian, being vegan is quite easy as ive been eating legumes and whole grains since childhood and as a consequence i have the microbiota that is fully adapted to vegan foods, thus i never carve for any dairy.

  3. to sub the impossible meat bc its usually above $5, soak brown lentils & chopped walnuts in steaming hot water. then add the softened lentils walnuts n chopped mushrooms to a blender or food processor n blitz until it looks like pate (pa-tay). put it in a mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients she uses here and make your vegan meatloaf from thereon out.

  4. vaisi matar paneer se better simple sa aloo gobi ya aloo ki curry paka dethi, we have a lot of normally vegan recipes but still trying to veganize the other ones.

  5. Being indian but not vegan or vegetarian, you know how many vegans want to be around you and your friend so many. I've invited so many vegan friends to family dinners and they love that they can eat almost anything there. Had a vegetarian friend who went vegan once he had indian food he just found so many new options.

  6. It's not usual to eat turmeric, coriander powder and cumin powder raw! either you add it to hot oil with onions etc, or in a bubbling stew to get rid of the raw flavor… The raw turmeric as a garnish is appalling

  7. American vegan food is so full of imitation products. I really appreciate seeing food from elsewhere that are made just to be delicious not trying to be something that's been lost

  8. There goes Freelee again (Frugivore Diet channel) putting down other vegans again. Don't listen to her, anyone, It's just great you're vegan, just do you! Her fruit diet and "all you can eat and care for" is for the birds. Restrictive and boring.

  9. Indian recipes are the only healthy and universal ones, Korean are not for everyday, still tasty, but american are all just a hot mess and not healthy or tasty whatsoever.

  10. Am I the only one who skipped all the American recipes….

    No offense but like they're too plain compared to the others…I mean that's just how American food is like I guess

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