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  1. I discovered the EV only a few weeks ago, so I don't know "bubbly" blonde Candice. Or her hair color. Or her weight.

    But when watching "redhead" Candice, I keep thinking to myself how healthy she looks, and in such great shape. The clothes are cool, and the comments are biting & hilarious. So I'm really surprised to hear your (dark) history.

    I may go back & look at "old Candice" videos, but for now am loving this Candice and her content.

  2. this is crazy! I found Blonde Candice when I was going through a toxic relationship, and then went through something similar as you. you made me vegan! I watched your videos and it inspired a summer of happiness! And now that I found your videos again, I’m so excited to learn from the new Candice. 🙏🙏to a summer of vegan cooking and vegan eats ✨🫶Candice is going to teach me how to cook again after a toxic relationship LFGGGG 🤞🤞time to be fully vegan again✨

  3. I just subscribed to the channel and came across this post. You may never see this because this is an older post but I just want to say that this post really moved me. I was also in a relationship with someone who made me feel bad about myself. I got out of that too and never looked back.
    I love your energy!! You are beautiful and edgy!! 😎

  4. Hurray for the person you really are! We all should be our authentic selves. YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL YOU! I am happy for you for reaching a place in your journey where you are happy and satisfied.

  5. Hi Candice. Just found you, and love this video. I'm an old gal, and enjoy the plant based life style. It's always good to get some inspiration from a new acquaintance, so I'll be watching.

  6. Hi, I'm back because some how they feature you on my feed… however, to tell you the truth, I left edgy veg because you were some over the top rambumcious and fake that I can't stand it any longer, so I had to quit. I thought that your loving husband was a fake too, because it just won't match. but somehow I knew some thing was off. but now, i'm glad you came out and more peaceful, and frank, no need for all that seemed happyness and skinny and blonde, and had everything on look, but looking at you tired me out and I coun't figure out what's wrong, so that's why I left.

  7. You know what's crazy, when i first subscribed to you channel, you were the old bubbly Candice, getting ready to be married. At that time i found myself unable to watch most of your videos because your bubbly personally made me feel uncomfortable and something about you felt off. It isn't until now that you're your real self that i can watch you with ease. I guess i felt you being unauthentic and was unable to watch. I love who you are. I'm glad to be back watching again.

  8. So glad I found your channel, Candice! You are so genuine and relatable. I just went plant-based and it has been a very big shock for me and my family. So finding your channel has been such a blessing. Thank you for being yourself and continuing to create in the face of adversity. You’re amazing!!!

  9. I am not into super perky content and I think I watched one of your old videos ages ago and decided your channel wasn't for me, so when it popped up in my feed a few months ago I wasn't going to watch the video, but for some reason I did and I subscribed right away and thought I must have been remembering a different channel that I wasn't into. Then today this video popped up and now it makes sense. I love your look now, I think it suits you so much, but more importantly it's what you choose for yourself and not anyone else. I'm sorry you have been through such a rough time, but so pleased you came out the other side. xx

  10. I used to watch some of your videos way back, and I remember feeling like something was off. The other day I was watching a video from cheap lazy vegan and she mentioned you, so I became curious and went to your channel. And I was so pleasently surprised by your content! Plus you DO look badass with your hair, tattoos and new complexion, they suit you 🙂

  11. I'm new here, hello! This explains so much, bc I got your cookbook not the new one but still it's a start. I bought it and was like who the heck is this on the cover. It was a complete different vibe and I was pretty thrown bc I mean you seem so real. I get it now. I had a terrible for me ex and I'm glad we aren't together now but I don't even recognize the girl who was married to him. I'm so happy now and my life is so different. I'm grateful for all the changes and the lessons learned. Hope you are getting to that place for yourself now too! Hugs

  12. I am new to your channel and love you the way you are now, so inspiring. I have watched some old Candice videos and thought that they didn't seem quite the same. Sorry to hear that your relationship wasn't good. So glad you can be you again, amazing !

  13. So happy that you are doing you despite how ridiculous, negative and horrible people can be. You DO give us more than your body – so much more that is truly important. And body-comments are so inappropriate so good on you for doing what YOU want.

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