What I Eat in a Day | 3 Cheap Easy Vegan Recipes | Fried Rice | Smoothie Bowl | Ep 8 | The Edgy Veg

In Episode 8 of Candice’s What I Eat in a Day series she chronicles her day recipe by recipe showcasing amazing Vegan food that …


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  1. You should try our Bulgarian cucumber salad is just cucumbers with salt, sunflower oil and apple cider vinegar or even better our national "cold soup" tarator which is usually made with cucumbers, garlic, bulgarian yougurt, water and dill but in vegan version I make it with sunflower seeds+lemon juice+salt+garlic in the blender and add water, then mix with dill and cucumbers and enjoy fresh and cold, it's the best thing ever.

  2. Heyyyy 🙂 I recently became Vegan and have been watching your videos for the last few days getting some awesome ideas. ALSO, I'm from TORONTO too 😀


    thanks so much for these awesome videos. i absolutely love them and have been trying a few recipes (so that I can convert my boyfriend over to the dark side also haha)


  3. I thought eating chia seeds without soaking in water is not safe? didnt somebody died from eating chia seeds without soaking it..I think I saw the story on The Doctors

  4. sick of people freaking out over oil, VEGANS/VEGETARIANS don't eat meat, the fact they use oil here and there – they're well below the threshold for consuming too many fats.

  5. I like Vegan What I Eat in a Day videos because it's like 3 vegan recipes wrapped into ONE video! And I especially like it, because it just makes the recipes seem eve more delicious because we see you actually making the dish for yourself instead of just for a video. (Even though I know you actually like and eat the stuff… I'm not making any sense, am I? :P)
    Fantastic video. :*

  6. Ok I NEED to know what kind of mandolin you have!! I actually did slice off the tip of my finger with my mandolin while slicing cucumber because my "gripper" thingy didn't grip the cucumber and so I didn't use it and ended up in the ER!! :(. Help a sista out please!!

  7. If you're using un-waxed thin-skinned cucumbers such as the one you used, or the smaller Persian variety, you should keep the skins on. The skins contain a ton of vitamins and minerals, especially silica.

  8. i looove this kinds os videos, especially with cheaper options! i dont eat meat and i'm tying to become vegan, i still found a little bit hard to adapat my menu and get all nutritions i need. but this videos help a lot. 🙂 love from Brasil!

  9. I just made this for dinner and let me just say WOW!!!. So much flavor, it was delicious even my non vegan husband loved it. thank you for making it so much easier to go vegan. I went vegan almost 4 months ago and your videos keep me motivated 😊 keep them coming you are awesome!

  10. These are my FAVORITE videos to watch! Trying to build a vegan community on my channel, please subscribe! I'd love feedback on my first video 🙂

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