What I Eat in a Day As A Single Person (Vegan Recipes for One!)

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  1. That soy curl pita – PERFECTION! And I'm SO GLAD that bird was ok. We put bird decals on our windows which seems to help. Some of these songbirds will see their reflection but think it's another bird (like, a competitor for a mate & territory) and so they try try to "fight" that bird, but it's *them*. Oh! The poor dears. Anyway, we found cute bird decals on amazon – they're pretty and they can stave off those bird strikes. 🙂 Hope you get your new fridge soon! xo

  2. First off, I am so glad to know that bird recovered YAAAY! 😃 Second, if you're looking for future show ideas, for us WFePBers (i.e., whole-foods, entirely plant-based) — who also don't use any oils, closely monitor our daily sodium, fat, and processed sugars intake — it would be great to see what WFePB recipes you could whip up in the kitchen with your creativity. Lastly, that beans on toast meal sounds (and looks) very delicious, actually. My only concern — and it's a biggie — is all the sodium that is usually in those canned baked beans. I wonder if there's a way around that. Oh, and one more thing: I, too, like the behind-the-scenes stuff in this video! 👍

  3. I have beans every single day with dinner (been vegan for about a decade).

    Self-love, appreciating the quiet life, I've definitely been focusing on that a lot more over the past few years. I've had a very hard time finding a person to share my life with (looks, racism, body, being vegan, all things people have used to tell me I'm not worth their time) but it may have been a blessing in disguise in my case.

    At 41, I just want a Saturday night full of hot vegan food, a blanket, and a game or a book.

    Keep on bein' your cool self, Candice!

  4. Takes a while to get the flow of a place. Lived in my home three years before I made a decent purge and settled into the flow of the home. Not a fan of meat replacements but Vegan is the way to go with vegetables. Holidays are coming. I do a lot of vegan sides. Cheaper and healthy. Win/win

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