What I Eat in a Day | Cottage| EASY VEGAN RECIPES | Veggie Burger | Breakfast Sandwich |The Edgy Veg

Candice unleashes another What I Eat in a Day video on this episode of The Edgy Veg, by popular demand. She shows you how …


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  1. Hey EDGY VEG this is Neelanjana from India. I am a big follower of your channel . In India we have this recipie called Pav bhaji which is basically mix vegetable along with bread. it's nice and warm and can be veganified. it's a mix of a lot of vegies you can make it even better with your twerks and tricks. in India people make it pretty buttery and decadent but that can be avoided. or else it's very healthy and pretty neutral for all kinds of taste buds! warm wishes from my end.

  2. Do you have a sour cream recipe? (or a recommendation for a storebought alternative? I tried all the vegan sour creams i could think of and none of them could compare. I love it in tacos but…. it is just gross these vegan kinds.)

  3. WHOA when you were walking down the street towards Boon Burger I was looking at the background and was thinking that it looked like Barrie (I grew up here!), and then lo and behold, it was XD Thanks for sharing your vacay with us! =)

  4. You and the Vegan Black Metal Chef are my favorite vegan youtubers chefs ever <3 You should do an awesome vegan cookbook with your awesome recipes, so i could have both of your recipes in my casita.

  5. Your food looks SOOO good! And the intro, haha. I also follow a vegan diet and I just uploaded a new video about SuperMeat, if you would like to check out my channel. x

  6. Would you mind doing a vegan gumbo? Or Jambalaya? I'm curious to see the spin you'd put on it. Also my friends will eat vegan with me. Yay for great friends.

  7. Boon Burger is AMAZING! The Buddha Burger truly is the best!

    What stores did you go to when you went state side shopping, we have a WNY pre start of school shopping trip coming up, and other than Trader Joes in Amherst, I don't have a clue where else to go

  8. So cool to see exactly what you eat in a typical day! If any of you guys want to see my plant based vegan fitness journey (trying to reach the 80kg mark) check out and subscribe to my channel for regular content! Much love.

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