What I Eat in a Day (Easy Vegan Meals)

Today’s video is a what I eat in a day vlog, sharing some easy vegan meals. With many of us in isolation, I wanted to offer some …


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  1. Omg I just randomly came across you and I was watching this thinking wow you’re so realistic! And then you mentioned the studio and TORONTO and I’m even more happy to have found this because I’m from Toronto and I also watch that studio’s live videos for workouts 🙂
    New subscriber!!!

  2. I’m in Melbourne Australia and we have loads of fresh produce however tinned goods like tomatos and chickpeas are very hard to come by (because people stockpiled them). Fresh produce is great but it doesn’t keep very long so I’m finding I have to pop to the shops every few days to stock up which isn’t ideal 🙁
    Thanks for inspiration! Pasta looks delicious

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