What I Eat in a Day | Easy Vegan Recipes | Episode 2 | The Edgy Veg

Continuing down the path she started on earlier Candice brings you another “What I eat in a Day” video. Just like the last one …


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  1. Watch out for GMO Hot Sauce…you have to get Non-GMO + some Jamaican or IBERIA brand are made with Cane Sugar Vinegar, or Non-GMO White Vinegar….. That brand you're using is not good, it is GMO Hot Sauce…

  2. So basically she's just eating sugar, junk food and processed fake food all day, but I guess it's supposed to be better for you BeCaUsE It'S VeGaN
    What exactly is the health difference between this and a normal unhealthy diet? That you don't kill a chicken for the wings? Wow
    Plus Coconut sugar and Regular sugar are the same thing, you can save your money with that

  3. Man I can't even eat all this in a day.

    Some days I just make Cream of Wheat with butter and sugar plus some flavor from extracts and that'll be breakfast and lunch.

    Usually that stuff is so filling that I skip dinner.

    It's like a day to fast from the world.

  4. You are amaaaaaazing!! I will definitely be making these recipes! Thank you so much for sharing these videos, you made it so entertaining to watch. Love your beaming personality ❤

  5. I love your energy! & I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your videos! Would love to support each other! Keep up the good work! It doesn't go unnoticed 🙂

  6. I love the energy you have you're so interesting to watch LOL it's like watching myself in Away some things that you do I totally do and I laughed a bit LOL. Thanks for making my morning and the meals look amazing. Definitely gave me a great dinner idea.

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