What I Eat in A Day…in our New Home! | Vegan Full Day of Eating

I MOVED! Today’s what I eat in a day video is a full day of eating in our new home. From vegan pancakes to instant pot chana …


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  1. UPDATED! Sorry the correct code is 'Edgyveg20', hope that clears up any confusion. That will give you 20% off your order! For those of you who want to potentially try Herbaland, they are doing a big online sale right now, and my code stacks with it for even more savings! Prices are in Canadian dollars for my American followers (which is even better savings again aha)!

  2. I am new to the vegan world. Just FYI I really appreciate your experience and the fact that you share it! Thank you so much for your content. You mentioned accidentally vegan products which got me excited because I have been feeling extremely smart for figuring out that I can use country crock margarine which is 1/3 of the price of any "butter" product out there that has the word vegan slapped on it. Of course I would love to have the best quality vegan butter, but I am a mom with two kids and two dogs, so I am on a tight budget. I keep googling it to make sure I am not wrong, it of course reassures me that I am right 😉 but I never hear of any vegans using this product. What is your opinion of country crock margarine? Why do vegans never mention this?

  3. Could I just ask a B12 related question here…
    I barely supplement because my supplements freak me out. I tried three different brands by now but they all come with the instruction to take 1 pill per day and that one pill covers 20.000% of my daily needs.
    That sounds crazy excessive and over the top to me. Anyone around who could explain this to me?

  4. I would love to see a video where you arent looking at the camera being a host. I just wanna see you cook and live and chilling, not trying to entertain us. Just a recommendation

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  6. Hi Candace! Best wishes on your new home. I loved this recipe. Thank you. Would you like to create a vegan english muffin recipe? I tried an awesome recipe by Peter Reinhart, but it has dairy milk in it:( I’d love to eat a veganized version.

  7. This maple syrop…Honestly, I a sure it is IMPOSSIBLE to get such high quality in any shop. It looks SO SO luxurious! The biggest props for your dad!
    Lovely video and beautiful house!
    Sending you all the best wishes for the upcoming weeks! Stay safe and positive!

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