What I Eat in a Day Now That I’m Single (Transforming my House and Living Alone)

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  2. Well, Finally! I appreciate you so much I remember 10 years ago when I became vegan I really had zero knowledge of how and what to cook and eat and you really had helped me so much. I subscribed what seems like a thousand years ago now, after your wedding I guess the Bell notification just kind of stopped I lost touch I didn't get notified and the next thing I knew you were like totally super different dark haired tattooed girl with a new tattooed boyfriend, 😳. I actually tried to look back to find a video to explain what happened but thought maybe you just thought it was a transition that didn't need an explanation. So now notified out of the blue the "single girl for one"video and then learning about "what happened to old Candice" ( so appreciate you letting us know) with all your hardest things and realization, I'm so happy for your progress and growth. I've had very similar things and have been gratefully single for the last 12 years, also an extroverted introvert and can't imagine a better life for myself and so awesome seeing your happiness and you growing into who makes you THE YOU.. ❤️‍🩹➡️❤️

  3. Glad to hear my dog (Maltese/shitzu) is not the only one to take their food from their bowl to the carpet. Glad to see you doing well. Advantages of living single – eat when you want or not, things are where you left them & as you say you can decorate with a feminine flair. Love the lifestyle format, we’re all sticky beaks❤️✨

  4. Loved this! Would love to see more like this, and/or variations on the theme ie: bringing home groceries, and seeing the process of how you use them up in delicious and practical meal through the week.

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