What I Eat In A Day (Self-Care Routine) | Easy Vegan Recipes for Days When You're Sad

Today’s what I eat in a day video is a personal look into how I meal prep and prepare food for days when I’m not feeling my best.


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  1. My friend passed away four months ago, and eating, sleeping, and anything involving minimal effort is really hard for me. It makes me stressed, because I need to gain weight (my doctor said so), but I just can't. High metabolism, and I don't feel like eating…

  2. Edgy Veg I love your food but I watch a lot of vegan food videos and people share and ideas go viral and that's all good; how many vegan cheese sauces have I seen. Here's the thing that I wrote about Adria Petty, Tom Petty's daughter, who loved her Dad and couldn't be a musician and is a brilliant music producer; Beyoncé is her client. He was on his last tour but still alive when beyonce decided to get serious about her image so Adria because she could, went to Czecko to see a little known modern dance troupe, filmed it, coached aforesaid artist and never acknowledged them once. Headlines in Rolling Stone Magazine and her Dad was frothing at the mouth; it was against everything he stood for; tribute yes, steal no. Latest example; you're the 3rd person who just happened to find the perfect hummus after a recent trip to Israel; they're identical word for word; Caitlan Shoemaker brought out the same story but she did tweak the recipe a bit — it was lifted from a non-vegan Jewish guy (I'm a Jewish girl, oy) so now you have to pop them all out of their skins etc etc watched it know the drill. GET A LIFE and if you are vegan eat the fucking skins they are fiber you pathetic person. Am I trolling? I'm pissed off about hummus!!!!!! I need a life.

  3. That's awesome girl!!! The "sads" suck 😢 I love your water 💡 idea!!! I'm going to make it the nite before so it is soooo special 😊 That tahini toast is the new avo toast!!!

  4. Hi! I love your channel! Also, did you put some faux meat in that soup? I thought I saw some on the counter but you didn’t mention it. I always buy fake ground beef and stuff but assume it can’t be “slow cooked” because it will fall apart or something. Thoughts? Thanks and hope things get brighter up there!

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