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Candice is back with another “What I Eat in a Day” video. This one features footage from her trip to the Vegan Food and Drink …


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  1. I'm so bummed I missed the Vegan Food fest will you be at the Veg fest on the 9-11 of Sept?! Please say yes. The S'mores cookies are to DIE FOR.

  2. seeing this video just made me wonder if there would be a vegan food fest somewhere near me and I've found out there's one at the beginning of November in Montreal and i'm planning to go! I'm not really vegan right but it's my goal to become it within the next year. Excited to see the options that i'll have somewhat near me!

  3. Just started making a recipe for cashew cheese mixture to make deep fried cheese balls on Friday. I'm thinking that and the bacon in a salad.. YESSSSS!! And probably avocado too 😄

  4. Hellooo! I made the 'bacon' it was amazing!!!! I cried a little bit. So far it's gone in Cashew carbon, avocado and bacon sandwich and just on its own on a plate!

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