WHAT I EAT IN A DAY VEGAN | Trying the NEW JUST Egg Breakfast Sandwich | The Edgy Veg

Every day is different with what I eat each week. You guys loved my last What I Eat in a Day & so I thought I’d show you what I eat …


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  1. What does she mean by breakfast is boring and limited for plant based people??? I’m from the Caribbean and there are so so many options.

  2. Candace, did you have to drive all the way to Kitchener for the JustEgg Omelette? I can not find one at the ones in my neighbourhood (Yorkville)….. 🙁

  3. You’re so pretty ❤️ I love that teal eyeshadow it really makes your blue eyes pop. 😍 All of the food looks delicious 😋 so glad I found your channel I will be binge watching your videos now lol.

  4. love the video as usual hehe 🙂 I'd love to see easy, dish ideas to entice non-vegans or non-vegetarians 😈 I'm vegetarian but I'd love to see more simple dishes that might convince my meat eating friends to eat more plant based dishes

  5. I so agree…I am even grateful to burger king for the impossible whopper…the other day my elderly client wanted to go to eat at a fast food restaurant so I suggested burger king and it felt great to be able to order an impossible whopper (vegan of course)…I wasn't odd man out for a change!!!

  6. I would like to see you create a more authentic ramen. I've personally been to Japan and have tried many vegan ramen, and it's amazing. Your "left over" style of ramen made me die inside a little lol.

  7. Plant based product made by a questionable company and ceo. To me it leans toward the arguments about using companies like method or cruelty free cosmetics who are owned by larger non cruelty free companies. You’re voting with your dollar.

  8. The following fact should be stated instead of what could be misconstrued as a misleading statement under the video: "Tim Hortons, is trialing the plant-based JUST egg at selected stores in Canada." The key words are "trialing" and "selected stores". While we are discussing facts, as I previously mentioned this is only available at Amazon.com for a ridiculous price of $34.99 and not at Amazon.ca. And finally Just a.k.a. Hampton Creek have really stumbled this year, they've been back-ordered for months now (Mayo wise) due to major production problems they claimed would be resolved at the beginning of summer but have yet to be as of now. Hopefully this all gets sorted out soon.

  9. So many vegan egg products that aren't tested on animals. The Gentle Chef's is far superior to JUST. I don't get vegans that support companies that test on animals.

  10. So I know I'm late here BUT I just got my hands on the JUST egg product and I'm curious about recipes. Maybe a video idea could be you trying recipes with it? Like a quiche or omelette. Like a level up episode but with JUST egg.

  11. Pro tip for hot peppers on your hands: The heat is from oil in the peppers, which I've found is exceedingly difficult to just "wash away". I hurt myself pretty bad with some jalapeños once and I learned that all the washing in the world only served to dry my hands out…while they burned like fire. LOL! I learned that using a little olive oil on your hands and wiping it off (and THEN washing your hands) is a more effective way to remove pepper oils from your skin. I got ghost pepper oils on my nose recently (don't ask, LOL) and the olive oil trick worked like a charm! You can use any oil you have, coconut, canola, avocado, just whatever. It dilutes and carries the pepper oils off your skin a million times more effectively than soap. 🙂

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