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  1. I mean the easiest approach is clearly to use pan-only. You dont even need any sort of temperature control. Just wait for the pan to start steaming and drop the steaks, ideally theyre still slightly rigid from the cooling. As soon as you have it crusted from all sides, its gonna be medium rare in the center, promised. The only disadvantage is that your sort of limited to a maximum 1 inch thickness for this to work, more thickness forces you to do a slow sear which lowers the crunchyness and dries out the steak too much.

    However, the best approach clearly is reverse sear, by using an air fryer. It saves a ton of time compared to a regular oven and does an incredible job at preserving the tenderness and juicyness due to the way the increased air circulation distributes the vaporating juices. Just set your fryer to 400 degrees fahrenheit which is usually the max setting and let it have its fun with the steak 4-5 minutes on each side. Or 6-7 if its a larger air frying oven. Best thing about this method is that the air fryer already seals the steak gently, preparing it for a fast and intense pan sear to finish it off. 45 seconds on both sides for a perfect crust. You dont even need to bast the crust with this method, unless you're having an extremely dry cut.

    Sidenote: Yes, you wanna keep it simple with seasoning. Quality salt, black pepper, thats it. But you really underseasoned the steaks in the video. Always dry-brine your steaks unless youre on a super tight schedule and forgot to do the prep work. Generously add salt (roughly twice the amount you used in this video), and let them rest in the fridge for a night. Shortly before starting to cook them,. use some paper towel to remove any excess moisture, and depending on your preference, already add the pepper or do it after finishing the cooking (I kinda like the slightly burned pepper taste as another subnote, but some find it gross).

    Sidenote 2: And no, you dont sous vide. Yes, it preserves juices and tenderness just as good as a perfect reserve sear while being way simpler to pull off. But looking at it in terms of energy efficiency, its just a horrible approach. Listen, I'm not Greta Thuna. But as a carnivore, I'm in the zero waste mindset. Which also includes cooking your meal in an efficient way. If two devices draw a similar amount of power, and one finishes the job WAY faster, the other one is just a worse method.

  2. I personally think, just pan searing a steak is the way to go, because you can touch it and see if it's done. but it depends on how you want to cook it.

  3. Chef Ramsay was awarded 16 Michelin stars and currently holds 7. When people mention his name as if they're on his level…….. It bothers baby Jesus .


  5. I quite appreciated this video, as it allowed me to see different cooking method results immediately side by side. VERY helpful. Thanks, guys! I too would be happy with any result, as I feel the biggest, most noticeable difference would be in the seasonings….at this point.

  6. While it's true that Gordon Ramsay claims that pan searing is the best way of cooking a steak, I wouldn't say that for every single kind of steak. I've seen him treating fillets of beef with Pan-To-Oven method, which does make sense cause it's the fillet; but for more difficult cuts of meat such as venison or even other birds like duck or goose, he always chooses to put in the oven after searing.
    I guess that if you like to have a good crust, pan searing only is a good choice, although I would be much more concerned about the doneness in the middle rather than the crust.

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