What It Takes to Make 400 Bowls of Ramen From Scratch • Tasty

Making 400 bowls of ramen from scratch is not an easy task. But for Keizo Shimamoto, ramen is his life. Watch as he artfully …


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  1. There's a place in my city that makes traditional-style ramen like this. It's phenomenal.
    Add that to the fact that he also sells it fairly cheap, it's a perfect meal. When I asked the cook why, he explained that ramen was what kept him going when he was in school back in Japan, and so he wanted to bring that to us here in America. To this day, economy and all, he will give you a bowl of ramen and a beer for 8 bucks.

  2. Ramen Shack has reopened here in Southern California near Dana Point. Took a short road trip with a few friends to visit his restaurant a month ago and it is absolutely phenomenal, I'd recommend the trip to anyone in the SoCal area.

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