What Would They Eat In “Black Panther”?

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  1. "Black Panther has turned the world's eye towards Africa in a positive way"
    So says the lady who wrote the story line for the movie, and therefore is partly responsible for this shift, without even referencing herself. All hail this QUEEN!

  2. I actually made these two dishes after watching this video. My friends LOVED IT! Of course, I didn't tell them it was a Black Panther dish, I just said it was an African-inspired dish. Still, it was a hit.

  3. the lady : If you're not exposed to african food, you're missing out
    Me *an egyptian who almost never had any sort of african food outside of Egypt*: write that down, write that down

  4. 🤔So what's the name of the dish??? & What country/s inspired it from east Africa? Coz it's not jollof from the west🤷🏾‍♀️
    Kinda looks good tho👍🏾

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