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  1. I personally hate anything spontaneous 😂 but I’m weird like that. I also have a very high sex drive for a woman so I’ve been told lollllllllllllllllllllllll

  2. Men have to take on a lot too. It’s weird to imply that only women do. If anything, we take on more because it’s not socially acceptable for us to talk about or show our emotions

  3. hmmm I don't think this is the slam dunk on men you thought it was :/

    Newsflash: everyone has a lot to deal with mentally, men and women. Also. There are good and bad men, just like there are good and bad women. We can't generalize a group of people based on the actions of a few, like this video is insinuating

    I don't think we should be preaching our personal experiences and feelings with relationships as everyone's gospel truth 🤷‍♀️

  4. I think you are speaking from a lot of personal experience. I think it’s great that you speak your truth. But dont assume that it is everyone’s truth.

    It does not feel good to hear you generalize. Men can be awful, but so can women. Don’t generalize against men, regardless of your personal experience. I’m a married male vegan who cooks every meal for his wife. I love your channel, but I find these videos hurtful and offensive.

    People are broken. All people. a
    And broken people hurt people.

  5. If men don’t have the drive to take the time it takes to put extra effort into the partnership then it is not the right connection for them. I have found if they are truly in Love with a woman they will make the time to please her, in turn she will please him. It is that simple. One always gets what one puts in (or out😊) at anything in life.

  6. Sure women have a lot on their minds, but it’s normal for them to talk about that stuff. Men still get stigmatized for talking about mental health.


    Booba 👀

  7. A lot of women still continue to do the household chores even now they work just as much as the partner does. But it is getting more even now. In my relationship it is very even and it's awesome cause we both feel like we're slaying together

  8. 100% yes! Some men/partners suck at communication and think that they don't need to do shit. I've seen some of the comments on your videos, especially these ones talking about your relationships and issues. They get mad because you're right. They don't know what a real woman/partner looks like, probably prefers their woman, if they can keep one, to be their maid/mommy.
    My man has prioritized communication from the beginning. He is unlike the previous losers who preferred a mother over a girlfriend/wife. He takes care of the house and our relationship, it's not just left up to me. He cares about both sides of the relationship, not just his and what he can get. He's a nerd, but he's the best friend and love I could ever ask for.
    In my previous relationships, it was me doing everything. Cooking, cleaning, putting one of their asses thru college while working two jobs. Men who are complaining about her "being one sided", stfu if you do not know any thing first hand about being stuck in a bad relationship. I'm sure she means it could be either partner. WE women can suck too, we're just more willing to change and become a better person. Remember, just because you might be a "good man" doesn't mean every other man is. Again, same with women! She's just sharing her story. Don't like it, leave her alone!

  9. Spot on girl. In my experience, men have never planned the date. They have never cooked for me. They don't even bother to know my interests. Meanwhile, I plan trips for us, I bring them random meals, write them love notes, try to learn what they like and ask them questions about their hobbies. Dating is so hard when someone tells you they're interested but then don't even try to show you they care, then they get mad when I get bored and leave.

  10. Shes basically putting all the blame on men like if women dont play a part in relationships… like wtf? both partners should make each other happy, its not just the man that has to do everything for her woman

  11. step 1: don't listen to dumb wh0res that think their opinion is the only thing that matter in relationships.
    step 2: respect your partner they'll respect you that's all you need to do simple as that stop over complicating things.

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