What’s the BEST Falafel Recipe?

Falafels are a Middle Eastern specialty consisting of small, fried croquettes or balls made from chickpeas. Spices, onions, and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Mu Egyptian mother-in-law uses a mix of fresh dill, cilantro and flat-leafed Italian parsley and leeks with the green onion, cumin and dried coriander. They make them American football shaped. Everything else pretty much the same: some baking powder and a squeeze of lemon to activate it, roll in sesame seeds and serve with tahini. You have no idea how wonderful the addition of fresh dill is. I don’t know how your friend Joseph got by with only 5 ingredients.

  2. i dont know where u guys ate falafel but lets not forget its originally Lebanese. every country has its own recipes but when u say falafel please its born in lebanon and especially the place called falafel khalifa or sahyun in beirut. thank you

  3. I made falafel following this recepie. As i put my falafel into oil for frying, they all dispersed in the oil and became a fried powder. Don't know where did i go wrong 🙁🙁

  4. Billy, what a marvellous video! It's funny, excellently edited and has a great recipe! And it's vegan! I've just made it. I must inform everybody that this recipe has one disadvantage – the falafels disappear within minutes…. 🙂 Best regards from Poland.

  5. Thanks for the video, great stuff but a few things:
    1- some versions of flafel look yellow rather than green on the inside
    2- our version includes a secret ingredient which is stale flat bread, this will make it much crispier and reduce some of the moisture
    3- use the finger technique in the middle to increase the crispy surface area which we all love

  6. Looks great!!! Some ideas from the Galilee:
    1. Loose the food processor. Use an electric meat grinder for the whole process (beans, onions, herbs) using the fine plate. You'll get perfect consistency every time.
    2. Loose the parsley, double the coriander, add half a green hot pepper. Keep the spices but add a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon.
    3. Another dip you might want to try out: tahini-yogurt: only three ingredients. Greek yogurt, tahini paste and salt (no garlic and no lemon). Add some tahini paste to yogurt and mix well keep adding while mixing until you get to same consistency as regular tahini (takes about half the amount of tahini paste you use with water). Add salt to taste.

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