What’s the best Way to Make a Reuben Sandwich

This amazing classic Reuben sandwich recipe is loaded up with sliced corned beef, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, and …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. I've had a slicer in my kitchen for well over 20 years. People laugh and say SEINFELD! But really it's the only way to slice roast beef. I got it from an auction of a deli that as going out of business. WNET was moving their offices and the deli was toast. 🙂 🙂

  2. This ain't Arby's. A real Reuben is hand carved. It's all about balance. Shaved meat creates too much surface area and other flavors have to fight for attention. It might make a tasty sandwich, but it makes a lousy Reuben.

    Oh, and shitcan that crappy marble rye. A real Reuben is Dark Russian or Pumpernickel. You don't like that? Then you don't really like Reubens.

  3. Look thick is so much better you just have to go do it right. Steaming fresh and great crust. Thin slice is better when just making something warmed up quick or doing pre-made like Boars Head. Try Herschels East Side Deli in Philly. Steve does it the way they originally did it in NYC before it became commercialized. Best “Pastrami” Rueben I’ve ever had. Oh and seeded Rye all the way. And don’t forget Dill pickle. Even potato salad if you have it. Omg so good!

  4. I picked up a home size meat slicer years ago at Walmart for $20. They're about $45 now. If you want the cheese melted in your sandwich then when you flip it, cover with a high domed lid, lift it slightly and squirt about a tablespoon of water underneath. The water won't mix with the buttered bread but will create enough steam to melt the cheese and heat the sauerkraut.

  5. I LOVE the "concept" of the Reuben Sandwich, but, I don't like Thousand Island and Russian dressings. I've corned a brisket before and it was AWESOME and I ferment my own sauerkraut (5 pounds at a time) and can it. When I make the sandwich, I switch out the dressing for a nice, spicy-brown mustard. Just my preference. Now I just need a friend like yours so I can get a slicer…lol😀

  6. My husband do not like boiled corn beef so I baked instead. I have never touched and cooked corn beef before. My first time baked corn beef turned out so delicious! We love Reuben sandwich.

  7. Important tip: If your sauerkraut is in the fridge, you might want to heat it first. A grilled sandwich that thick is never going to heat through properly with a big mound of cold sauerkraut in the middle. Also, if you find your reuben TOO messy, you can press some of the liquid out of the kraut first. I usually heat up my kraut and then give it a quick smoosh in a sieve to press out the extra water.

  8. I love sauerkraut. My great grandma taught me how to make it. If people realized how easy it is to make they would do it for themselves. Thanks for sharing. I have always wanted my own meat slicer.

  9. Holy moses….. yummy! I already stopped watching a TV show today featuring stuffed hamburger. Too tempting while observing no meat Friday's during Lent.
    Delicious ANYWAY!

  10. Thinly sliced for me please. Basically shaved. When I make them, I shave the meat, then put it on the flat top covered with a lid. When almost ready, top with cheese and a slice of rye. Flip then top with sauerkraut, dressing, more cheese, and the other slice of rye. Flip this over just long enough to brown that slice. Trying to bite into a reuben with a thick piece of pastrami in the middle is like trying to bite into a roofing shingle.

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