Which Celebrity Has The Best Turkey Recipe?

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  1. The girl with the blue shirt said it's trying to be a turkey girl what do you think it is where do you think it came from what video do you think you're judging like really

  2. That’s not how Martha Stewart did the turkey, she’s basting a few times before removing the cloth, then she’s basting it non stop every 15 minutes, if you’re going to follow a recipe, do it properly.

  3. I truly and swear on everything I paused the video as soon as I saw the last contestant. 1st, I've never heard of nor has anyone at our Thanksgiving table "Ayesha Curry."
    I will now un pause and I hope that's not the case. I'd gladly eat crow. But I doubt it.

  4. God…the amount of seasoning done kinda left me quiet for a minute lmao A southern house would never 😂😂 I was sitting here watching them season and going “That’s it?”

  5. Of course 2 out of 3 picked curry she's not even a legit chef or cooks for her family she has a personal cook for herself and family. Also when you wet Brine it's supposed to sit in brine for at least 24hrs for full effect for 14 plus pound turkeys

  6. I think the test is not the best because Turkey is also suppose to go with gravy. Like the more blend ones I assume were not supposed to be eaten as is.

  7. The Alton brown turkey, did you use the turkey triangle? After you get the skin browned you put tin foil over the breast so when the dark meat gets to 180 degrees the white meat is at 160. So they both are juicy.

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