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David Osei is challenging his friends to show off their best quarantine proof recipes! We’re mindful of how the current coronavirus outbreak might be affecting …


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  1. I made the noodle one and wow!!! The egg and the cheese compliment each other so well, I only recommend to add more water after everythings done and mixing it longer in the pan bc i dont really enjoy al dente noodles 😂

  2. Andrew's topanara. It's just seems more lazy and homey when you just want a small thing by yourself.

    Kelly's pot pie is a family level whole meal and is on a different chart altogether for what it is.

    This was such a bad match up for what both these recipes are.

  3. I made the pot pie but only had a little bit of almond milk. So I had to use half almond milk half heavy whipped cream for the biscuits and I used Campbell's creamy chicken soup instead of milk in the mixture. Also didn't use ranch packet. I used the broth from my chicken that I had in the slow cooker over night. Super good.

  4. I would honestly like to make both of them. But, I would go with the Chicken Pot Pie. I've never had the pasta before, so I would go with the Pie. But, it would be way easier to make the pasta during this quarantine.

  5. This was a hard one because both looked super good, but Andrew made the most budget, quarentine friendly out of the most. Can’t forget about using the old-fashioned stove top. We all grew from that ❤️

  6. Definitely the pie. The carbonara ramen interpretation is fun, but the poached egg on top of carbonara is really too weird for my Italian soul. And I'm not a fan of all that butter either! O_O'' Really never seen carbonara made like that.

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